Jayme Burns Fine Art Photography

Cape Breton Lifestyle Photographer

Gwinn Family

Capstick Family

Baddeck, Nova Scotia

Breton Education Centre Prom 2014 
Jess + Merissa, Katie + Callum

Matt and Jaclyn | Engaged
Louisbourg, Nova Scotia

The Pink Family

Louisbourg, Nova Scotia

Jess and Katie | Grad Session

Wedding Album Cover Designs

A few of the custom wedding album covers (and one of the opening pages) I created for last year’s wedding clients :) 

Each design was created to reflect each couple’s wedding, theme, and personalities. From rustic and natural, to elegant and stylish, each one is a reflection of my interpretation of their day.

Morgan and Riley | Senior Prom


I’ve finally started working on a project that I’ve had in the works for a few years now, planning, conceptualizing and sitting on ideas until they we’re ready to hatch. I feel I’m ready to begin and was happy to have such a willing model to experiment this past weekend. 

These are a few outtakes from shots that I won’t be using for the final project, but I really like them. Jessica is my cousin and a total babe.  It was so much fun to begin this journey with someone I love so much. 

There’s lots more involved in this and as it nears completion I’ll surely share the details, but for now. It’s under wraps.



Gayle Bird Jewellery Designs


Sara and Sandy | Engaged

Megan and Glenn


Stephanie and Trevor

North Sydney, Nova Scotia

Karen and Ray

Married November 10th, 2013
Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia

Keri-Anne and Marty McPhee

Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
October 28th, 2013